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Special Features

  Uses ISO certified 9001,14001 Chetan Cables
  Uses ST Microelectronic's TRIAC
  Contains Philips Linear POT
  Vishay Resistor,Capacitor,Transistor
  Uses Atmel's Microcontroller ICs
  Uses NG Switches
  Uses Maxine Transformer
  Uses Proper Aluminium Heat Sink
  Contains Cooling Fan
 Glass Epoxcy Pcb board
  2.5mm Aluminium Powder Coated Cover

64 Channel Light Design Box

Here it is 64 Channel Light Design box with Triac Outputs! A professional quality light chaser for all applications. Having 40 actions with output 8amps per channel. It include 64 LEDs to indicate the state of each channel. Operates on 220 to 240 Volts AC.


  Designed by Sona Electronics