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6 Channel Design Chaser

  Here it is 6 Channel Light Design Chaser with Triac Outputs! A professional quality light chaser for all applications. Will operate as 3 or 4 or 6 channel Light Designs with output 8amps per channel. It include 6 LEDs to indicate the state of each channel. Operates on 220 to 240 Volts AC.Speed Control is available.  

Special Features

  • Uses ISO certified 9001,14001 Chetan Cables
  • Uses ST Microelectronic's TRIAC
  • Contains Philips Linear POT,Resistor,Capacitor,Transistor
  • Uses Atmel's Microcontroller ICs
  • Uses NG Switches
  • Uses Maxine Transformer
  • Uses Proper Aluminium Heat Sink
  • Contains Cooling Fan(Only for More Watts Per Channel)
  • Pcb board-Glass Epoxcy
  • 2.5mm Aluminium Powder Coated Cover
    Designed by Sona Electronics